When it comes to self-examination, many businesses and organisations find that there is room for improvement.

However, they can also discover that there are deep-seated barriers to change embedded in how they work and their organisational structure.

Typically, these barriers reveal leadership deficiencies:

  • there is poor teamwork and a lack of coordination at leadership level
  • strategy and values are unclear
  • leadership style is very top-down or inconsistent
  • the business is failing to invest sufficiently in talent; and
  • employees feel unable, or unwilling, to raise issues with the leadership.

These weaknesses may not arise from a lack of leadership training, but from the wrong kind of training.

What Does Leadership Mean?

Leadership is not the same as management. When it comes to making change happen, the demands on individuals and the skills involved are different.


Managers may be used to directing people but change requires aligning them to an overarching idea


This alignment comes from how well leadership motivates and inspires them and gets them to buy into the changes necessary to develop or improve a business.

It is, therefore, about much more than processes and problem-solving. It means clearly articulating a strategy and vision in such a way that people take it on board and get behind it. It is also, crucially, about listening to others and understanding their concerns.

The barriers to change tend to cluster together, forming a formidable obstacle. Such an obstacle requires the right kind of leadership to overcome it and to ensure change occurs


Developing Leadership Talent

Investing in talent means taking on a commitment to train others for leadership. The most effective means of doing this is to fully integrate an intensive coaching programme throughout a business or organisation.

Leaders are made, not born. Embedding the sort of personal development that engenders sound leadership will help organisations change.


Developing talent helps consolidate change and lead to continuous improvement


The people you coach and train today become the leaders of tomorrow, and champions of strategic objectives and deep-seated corporate values.

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