Do you see professional HR support as integral to your growth plans.  Or is it a nice-to-have that you can’t put resources into?

According to the Federation of Small Businesses, 60% of all private sector employment in the UK is with small businesses.  And these companies account for over 99% of all private sector business. It is no wonder that the CBI sees SMEs as essential to private sector-led economic recovery.

But do SMEs have the right level of HR support to thrive?


Leadership Support

Typically, small businesses come formed from someone’s vision. This person provides the initial drive and leadership that helps build momentum, and success.

But as businesses grow, the person at the top can start to feel pulled in too many directions at once, because as a business grows, so does its administrative burden, particularly when it comes to staffing issues.

An expanding workforce requires the right people in the right roles, and levels of training and development to meet the challenges of business growth.

Professional HR support plays a pivotal role in helping leaders develop their teams and understand how best to manage an expanding workforce, while retaining and honing the core values that contributed to the business’s growth in the first place.

It’s important for leaders and managers of SMEs to be able to take their staff with them, to communicate their vision and get the people they work with to buy into it. HR provides the necessary skills and support to help make this happen.


Following Processes

Hiring someone to do a job is not down to a firm handshake and an agreed wage. Many SMEs come unstuck over basic HR procedures that they haven’t followed.  These include issuing contracts, or, more likely, not issuing them.

Contracts are also important because they set out the expectations for someone filling a particular role, along with pay rates and holiday entitlement.

Disciplinary procedures are another flashpoint for many SMEs, with the risk of failing to follow them properly likely to be costly; and getting bogged down in the whole disciplinary process.

For SMEs, outsourcing HR services can be a lifeline, and provide a much-needed perspective on employee relations and communications. And by taking professional HR help and advice on board, business leaders can better focus their energies on their core activities.

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