Contracts, Policies & Procedures

    There is an inbuilt administrative burden attached to HR.  We can help you lighten this load, and ensure that you are always up to speed on the latest regulations and fully compliant with employment law.


    The cornerstone of your relationship with an employee is the contract of employment. It’s crucial that your contracts are clearly written, and can be just as clearly understood.

    Another key area is when you want to change a contract, which can be both difficult and contentious. We provide expert advice and support in both writing contract terms and in the issues around varying a contract.

    Policies & Procedures

    Once you have people working for you, you have certain obligations in how you manage them, and they have certain rights when working for you.

    There are clear, legally-defined policies and procedures which you must follow as an employer, covering issues such as:

    • hours of work;
    • flexible working;
    • sickness and absence;
    • disciplinary and grievance;
    • leave entitlement; and
    • equality and diversity.

    Ubuntu HR provides practical support, professional advice and online administrative systems to assist you with HR policies and procedures.

    If you need help with contracts or policies and procedures, contact Ubuntu HR and find out how we can support your business.