HR Advice and Support

    Businesses need people, and people need looking after and managing.

    As businesses grow, many leaders and managers find that their core interests and imperatives are competing with the demands of looking after the day to day management of people and processes.

    Essentially, HR is a job on its own, but you may not be in a position to have your own in-house HR manager.

    This is where Ubuntu HR provides invaluable assistance and support.

    We offer professional HR advice across a range of business and industry sectors, covering all aspects of HR, including the most up to date developments and changes in employment law and how to implement them.

    Our HR consultation works to keep you in control of your workplace, ensuring that your staff know what’s expected of them, and that your HR policies and procedures are working to ensure you have a productive, positive working culture.

    Ubuntu HR’s advice and support is available on a pay as you go basis, or through a regular retainer.  We fit in with whatever option suits you best, to ensure you meet your objectives.

    Contact Ubuntu HR for more information about our comprehensive HR support services.