Disciplinary and Grievance Handling


    Dealing with grievances doesn’t have to feel like stepping into unpredictable or dangerous territory – what is important is engaging with employees in such a way that they feel understood, and at the same time, that your approach is clear to them.

    We can help you develop the way you handle grievances professionally, competently, empathically and correctly.

    Disciplinary Issues

    When it comes to addressing poor performance or other conduct-related issues, sometimes disciplinary procedures are unavoidable.

    Disciplinary procedures are not about punishment, but how best to communicate to employees when their performance, attitude or behaviour is unsatisfactory, to prevent it happening again and, where possible, improve performance.

    Ubuntu HR is committed to helping our clients handle disciplinary and grievance issues, and to support them in building positive work cultures while always following the correct guidelines.

    To find out we can support you with disciplinary and grievance issues, contact Ubuntu HR today.